Danmission announces new secretary-general

Danmission announces new secretary-general

Danmission is proud to announce that Dr. Jorgen Skov Sorensen from March 1st 2016 will take over the position as secretary-general of Danmission. He is replacing Rev. Mogens Kjær who will retire after 14 years as head of the organization.

51 year old Jorgen Skov Sorensen is a trained theologian, educated in both Denmark and in the UK, with nine years of executive experience from The Council on International Relations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark, a position that has brought Skov Sorensen an extensive ecumenical knowledge.

Jorgen Skov Sorensen speaks five languages, has traveled 46 countries and maintains a close and committed relationship with both Danish and foreign church life. For more than 20 years he has followed Danmission’s work.

His first job as a newly graduated theologian in 1994 was as mission secretary at Danmission’s offices in Denmark. Back then he was part of the management team with responsibility for international partnerships. From 2005 to 2014 he was a Danmission board member.

“To me mission is in a variety of ways to present people to the Christian Gospel of forgiveness and reconciliation. But mission is also – as Jesus has taught – to proclaim freedom for the poor and to set the oppressed free. Therefore, mission is also Danmission working with civil rights and poverty reduction around the world,” Jorgen Skov Sorensen says.

“Thus” he continues “I look forward to explore and develop the close and valuable partnerships Danmission maintains with churches and organizations in Asia, Africa and The Middle East”.

The chair of Danmission’s Board of Directors, Bishop Peter Fischer-Moller, describes Jorgen Skov Sorensen as an individual with a good sense of organizational strategy, a friendly nature and a good communicator.

“Jorgen Skov Sorensen knows the Danish Lutheran Church with its qualities and challenges very well. At the same time he feels at home in the various corners of ecumenical church work both nationally and abroad. He has a good eye for Danmissions’ situation and development,” Peter Fischer-Moller says.