Danish-Arab Partnership Programme

Danish-Arab Partnership Programme

Danmission fund for MENA-DK interreligious dialogue initiatives

As part of the program, Cross cultural and multi faith dialogue – Promotion of peace-building, social cohesion and mutual understanding through inter religious dialogue, Danmission supports projects and partnerships aiming at an enhanced role of interreligious dialogue as an integral factor on promoting
mutual understanding, social cohesion and peace-building within and between Arab and Danish societies. The program is financed by support from The Danish Arab Partnership Program under the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The aim is to support projects and partnerships between actors in Denmark and MENA (priority will be given to Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt) striving to enhance the role of interreligious dialogue as an integral factor on promoting mutual understanding, social cohesion and peace-building and that are complying with at least one of the following objectives:

All projects and partnerships should include actors from both Denmark and MENA. The projects should aim at creating long-lasting partnerships that go beyond the project period.

The variations of initiatives that may be supported are manifold and may include partner identification, partnership developments, trainings, conferences, media and art initiatives and they may be targeting children, youth, elderly, leaders, marginalized etc., as long as it complies with the objectives. They may be local, national, regional and international. It is possible to apply for support for participation in regional and international partner meetings for the MENA organization. Activities may take place in MENA or Denmark.

The funds allocated for 2013: 250.000 DKK, 2014: 900.000 DKK, 2015: 700.000 DKK, 2016: 500.000.
The money will be distributed according to the following proportions:

URL: https://danmission.dk/project/danish-arab-partnership-programme/