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About us

Mission is to create an opportunity for everybody to hear the Christian gospel, and to encourage people to live with love for one's neighbour.

We are a part of the international work of the Church of Denmark

Danmission was established by a group of people from the Church of Denmark as an independent organisation to reach out to people beyond the Danish borders.

Knowing God – living in peace – fighting poverty

Our mission is to give people in other countries a possibility to be acquainted with Christian belief as well as improving the conditions under which these people live. Therefore, we help churches to grow and to develop, we facilitate dialogue to increase peace and mutual understanding, and we strive to fight poverty.

Where we work

A certain attention is paid to the work in Egypt, Tanzania, India and Cambodia, but we also work in Lebanon (and Syria), Pakistan, Madagascar, Bangladesh, China and Myanmar (Burma). And then we also work in our home country, Denmark, trying to improve the integration of refugees and immigrants.

We cooperate with others

Our work beyond the borders of Denmark is carried out in cooperation with our partners, which include national churches or organisations within the countries that we work.

A Danish network upholds Danmission

An important part of Danmission is our network in Denmark. More than 8000 people support our work with donations and through prayers – and even more take part in volunteer work.

As an organisation, Danmission has a democratic structure. Our network is organised just as the dioceses of the Church of Denmark. Diocese-committees lead the work in their respective areas, and together with the boards of the Second-hand-shops and Danmission’s Youth, they elect the board of representatives, which is the highest political authority. The board of representatives elects the leading committee. Our daily work is managed by the Office in Hellerup.